Drop pterodactyl, use moonlight

Moonlight is a new free and open-source alternative to Pterodactyl, allowing users to create their own hosting platform and host all sorts of game servers in Docker containers. The moonlight panel was originaly developed for Endelon Hosting and has been split into a independent project. The goal of moonlight is to provide an all in one solution for hosting businesses and communities for selling, hosting and using varios services like webspaces, subdomains and docker based servers

  • Built with security in mind
  • Easy installation and updating
  • Fast and reliable


Fully configurable

Moonlight has a extensive configuration and a visual editor to help you configure your instance to fit your needs perfectly

Config system

Expendable system

You can use plugins to add custom user interfaces and logic to your panel. With an official plugin store you dont need to have any developer experience to profit from moonlight plugins


Powerfull admin tools

Powerfull admin tools like the server manager, session overview and many more you can perform various tasks easily

Admin tools

Userfriendly webspaces

Allow your users to host their own websites in a quick and easy way using the cloudanel module for moonlight


Effective management of services

Features like server grouping make it easier for users to manage their services in a efficient way

Server groups

Integrated ddos protection

The integrated ddos protection for nodes helps you automaticly block ip addresses to prevent going down by a ddos attack

Ddos protection

Smart ticketing system

With the ticket system you are able to manage help requests, chat live with your users and solve problems quickly

Ticket system

Server console

With the server console streaming you can directly interact with the inpout and output of the server proccess

Server console

File manager

The file manager allows you to manage the files from your services like game servers and webspaces with ease

File manager


The statistic system allows you to view the growth and usage of your moonlight instance


These and many more features are available when using moonlight