v2 Early Access available

Drop pterodactyl
use moonlight

Moonlight brings new life into the game panel world. It comes with a fast and responsive ui and an efficient backend to give you more control over the services you are hosting

Free and Open Source
Completely on premise

Features moonlight provides you

With these features managing your services is easy as never before

Plugin/Feature System

With the plugin and feature system you are able to customize moonlight in order to optimize your and your users workflow

Virtual Disks

Prevent fallocate and all other file system based exploits which try to render your node's hard drive useless with moonlights virtual disk feature

Private Networks

Isolate sub servers and critical apis with the private networks so only other servers are able to access it. No messing around with firewall rules needed

Permission system

With the built-in permission system you are able to control what your admins can do

Diagnose system

The diagnosis feature allows you to provide us with all the required information to fix bugs as fast as possible and help you sort out problems if any occur

And more to come

These and a lot more features have already been implemented. We are also continuously working on adding new functionality the community wants to have


Integrated permission system

With the built-in permission system you are able to control what your admins can do

Node Stats

Monitor your nodes

With the node overview of moonlight you are no longer required to ssh into the node to run htop or use external software. You have all the important information right here in moonlight

Server Manager

Efficient bulk server management

Have a live updated overview of all your services and perform bulk actions with a lot of filter options

Server Stats

All stats in one place

See all stats of a specific service in a nice little overview

File Manager

Manage your files with ease

Upload files and folders and edit, delete or move files without the need for an external program